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Tutorial: Burn Your Tweets! Tutorials

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Go to your twitter profile and scroll down to RSS feed and you’ll get something that looks like this:

Do you want to transfer this feed to FeedBurner? It’s simple, just follow these four easy steps:

  1. Go To Your RSS Feed
    Go to your Twitter profile and scroll down to the end of the right column and you’ll see a RSS icon. Click it and copy the page address (or right click the link without clicking and copy). It should be something like this
  2. Login to FeedBurner/Register
  3. Add your username and password to the URL
    You need to change the to
  4. Paste the modified URL to FeedBurner and modify your settings!

See, it’s that simple. Now you have your feed and you can do whatever with it. Submit to an RSS directory, use it on your blog etc.

Tutorial: How-To Take Screenshots With an iPhone/iPod Touch Tutorials


Very simple, you press the home button and power button at the same time and ta-da!

Yes, I know about the date.

Iframes Out, PHP In: Revised Tutorials

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Iframes Out, PHP In

Ok from what I’ve been told my previous tutorial was too confusing. I’ll do it again. This time I’ll try to make it more detailed.

Yes, you heard me, Iframes out. Yes a site can work without them. Calm down :-| Why would you wanna get rid of Iframes?

1. They’re old
2. Too “limiting”
3. Its harder to get on Google etc. with them.
4. They’re un-professional IMO.
5. They rob scripts of their functionality.

I don’t hate them, I just dislike them.

So this is your index.html page, you should make sure tags are closed, and that there’s only one of the following tags:

  1. <html>…</html>
  2. <head>…</head>
  3. <title>…</title>
  4. <body>…</body>

Tutorial: How To Install WordPress Tutorials, WordPress

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I get asked a lot to install WordPress for people; here’s how.

1. Download the latest version of WordPress from

2. Upload.

3. Set up your MySQL database and user.

4. Go to

Done. How simple? O.o

Tutorial: Gravatars Tutorials


On the Big-Show.NET Forum, Fawaz posted a tutorial on how to use Gravatars. Gravatars, or Globally-recognized avatars are avatars that you use with WordPress or bbPress for commenting, profiles etc. They can be used in other services if supported. All you have to do is sign up, upload an avatar, and use the email you used with!

Tutorial: Installing a Font Tutorials

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By far, this is the simplest tutorial I have ever done! :-D I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that all of you know how to do it in Windows, but if you need to know how on Mac OS X or Linux, here’s how:

In Windows XP: Copy the font to ‘C:/WINDOWS/Fonts’

In Windows Vista: Right click the font and select ‘Install’

Mac OS X: Double click the font and select ‘Install font’

In Linux: Copy the font to ‘fonts:///’

Enjoy ;)

Tutorial: Icon Sort Tutorials

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Iconsort, an icon management script. Installing it is pretty simple. It doesn’t require MySQL or anything else, just media and a brain. :-D

1. Download Icon Sort.

2. Upload the file to a folder eg. Optional (You can upload the file to where-ever you want, however this is recommended)

3. Create a folder under that called “categories”.

4. Create sub-categories under “categories” eg. icons, banners, wallpapers etc.

5. Go back to your icons.php file and your done! :-)

6. Customize!

Optional: Re-name icons.php to index.php (Only do this if you want it in a different directory eg. /media)

If you want to see an example of an Icon Sort script in action, click here.

Tutorial: Adding a Favicon To Your Site Tutorials

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Favicons are those little icons you see in your address bar. Our favicon is JN (Journalist). Its about time YOU added one to YOUR site. :-) It’s pretty simple. :-D

1. Create your favicon in Photoshop. 16×16, save it a JPEG (Photoshop) or PNG (Paintshop)

2. Head to Favicon Generator and upload.

3. Then edit it on there if you want.

4. Download!

5. Add it to the index file of your site (/public_html/), or header file by adding this code:

<link rel=\"shortcut-icon\" href=\"\" />

Done! :-D

Tutorial: 4images Installation Tutorials

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This time its 4images. I try to stay away from it, but it got requested too many times. :-| I prefer Coppermine! Here’s the video

If you got that weird error on the top, simply re-install. Click here and then click on “Watch in high quality”! Any questions? Ask via comments, since the video isn’t so good IMO. :-|

Tutorial: Downloading Torrents Tutorials

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Before I start off, I ask you to vote in the poll to the right. Also — note the new tutorial rating system. :)

Rate: This sucks!MehNot badVery goodPerfect! Loading ... Loading ... does not encourage illegal downloading in any way. This is just a tutorial.

1. Download a Bittorrent client. I strongly recommend uTorrent. It’s fast, doesn’t take up more than 1MB, and has all the tools you probably need. (more…)