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January 28: Thank a Plugin Developer Day QuickPress

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5 Plugin Must-Dos After Installing WordPress List

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Today I installed WordPress (for the 100000th time), I noticed that there’s a pattern of steps that I do each time I install WordPress. Of course your need-to-do list varies depending on your needs. After thinking about it for a bit, I came up with this.

0. Install WordPress. Duh!

  1. Install/Activate a Spam-Protection Plugin
    Either Akismet or WP-SpamFree I recommend. Bots can pick up your site at any minute!
  2. Install a SEO plugin
    I didn’t say the bots have to be bad ones!
  3. Install a stats plugin
    WordPress Stats or Google Analyticator (You need a Google Analytics account) I recommend.
  4. Install Exec-PHP
    We all need to execute PHP at some point, this plugin allows you to even do it in your posts and pages!
  5. Install a Feed-stats plugin
    I recommend the Feedburner with obviously a Feedburner account.

Tangofy WordPress

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I’m not a big fan of the WordPress 2.7 Icons, so I found the plugin Tangofy.

Now what that does is replace the 2.7 icons with icons from Firefox, GNOME and Tango.

WordPress 2.7 Tangofy

Get Tangofy

Upgraded! WordPress

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Wooo! Upgraded to WordPress 2.7, and it’s just awesome! I can’t find any bugs, although I did run into a few holdups during the upgrade process and after I logged in.

1. Blank!

Ok, this is my fault, I forgot to deactivate all the plugins. So I had to rename the plugins folder and create a new one. I’m too lazy to upload all the plugins I had again, but 2.7 has a way of saying ‘I know you’re mentally retarded, but here use the new plugin browser…’ How awesome? :-D

2. Classic Theme

I was using the ‘Classic’ WordPress colors, and when I upgraded and logged in again, it was the new 2.7 classic colors; which was shit. I changed the ‘Fresh’ colors! Again, my bad.

Wow! I expected more problems, but that’s it, just these two! :-D

Top 5 Essential WordPress Plugins List

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There are currently 3,131 WordPress plugins as of posting. Obviously, you can’t have all of them, or more realistically you wouldn’t want to have them all. Today I go through the 5 top WordPress plugins that really do extend WordPress’s functionality.

1: WP-Comment-Remix

WordPress’s comment section definitely lacks functionality, WP Comment Remix adds a ton of features including quote and reply features, different comment listing, separating comments from trackbacks and pingbacks, 3 comment related sidebar widgets, a commenter token system, and more.

1.5: WP-SpamFree

WordPress’s comment spam defense is well… horrible. That’s why there’s WP-SpamFree, and the title can’t be more accurate! After activation, WordPress is truly Spam-Free. There are options that you may change such as what fields are required etc.

2: WordPress Automatic Upgrade

Tired of updating WordPress? Or just too lazy to do it? Complain no more; WP Automatic Upgrade is here! Not only does it upgrade automatically (however, you have to run the update process), but it provides backups for you. Although automatic upgrades will be built into WordPress 2.7.

2.5: WP-DB-Backup

Speaking of backups, you never know when you’ll need a backup of your WP database; good thing WP-DB-Backup’s around! Provides backups anytime you need it, you can choose which tables to include and which to exclude. There is an option of when that you can choose when to backup (hourly, daily, weekly) and then it gets sent right to your email!

3: Manageable

How about managing your posts’ categories, tags, author, date, status etc. without having to enter the editing page? Right from the Manage Posts page. This plugin does that, all you have to do is double click the post!

4: WP-Ban

Got annoying human spammers on your site? Simply ban them using this simple plugin. You can display a custom ban message when the person is banned by IP, IP range, host name, and referrer URL. You can exclude certain IPs from being banned.

5: Plugin Manager

I [and tons of other WordPress users] get annoyed from having to go on the WordPress Plugin Site every time I need to look for a plugin. While I was doing that and being annoyed, I found the Plugin Manager. This plugin allows you to download WordPress plugins straight from the site to your server; no uploading. This doesn’t really extend WordPress’s features but should be built into it somehow. I doubt that it ever will.

You may be thinking There are better plugins than these! and I say “These are plugins that extend WordPress’s current features / should be built into WordPress; not one’s that add completely new and unnecessary features to it.”