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TwitterFon Reviews

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How do you decided which app you want to download that suits your needs? You go with the popular one of course. Lots of people use it, that means it’s not that bad. Well guess what? You’re wrong!


Well first you don’t get an annoying ad between each tweet with TwitterFon. Second, it has more features such as retweeting. Third, An easier to use interface. Fourth, a search feature. Fifth, no annoying tweet sound when you receive something new. Sixth, it’s free. Seventh, you can moderate your tweets (deleting etc.). Take that Twitterific!

A Few SEO Tips List

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is well self-explanatory. I shouldn’t have to explain what it is, but I will! SEO is simply moving up in the search engine rankings. Hopefully search engines will like you more after you make use of this post. On with my tips:

  1. Use Headers Correctly

    By headers I mean <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4> and so on. What you should have is 1 <h1> tag, 10-15 <h2>, and as many as headers your sidebar needs for <h3>. Confused? I’ll explain. <h1> tags should have the website’s/webpage’s title (eg. <h2> tags should have the description (if any) (eg. It’s random, too damn random) and the post titles. <h3> tags should be used for sidebar titles.

  2. Meta Tags

    Make sure you have a description, keywords, author etc. If you don’t have them, Google meta generator.

  3. Search Engines Don’t Have Eyes

    Sadly they don’t. So use alt="image of something" for images and title="image of something" for images, links, titles, headers etc.

  4. Validate.

    No I’m not kidding, search engines prefer it. :-D

Got your own tips to share? Go ahead. ;)

5 Plugin Must-Dos After Installing WordPress List

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Today I installed WordPress (for the 100000th time), I noticed that there’s a pattern of steps that I do each time I install WordPress. Of course your need-to-do list varies depending on your needs. After thinking about it for a bit, I came up with this.

0. Install WordPress. Duh!

  1. Install/Activate a Spam-Protection Plugin
    Either Akismet or WP-SpamFree I recommend. Bots can pick up your site at any minute!
  2. Install a SEO plugin
    I didn’t say the bots have to be bad ones!
  3. Install a stats plugin
    WordPress Stats or Google Analyticator (You need a Google Analytics account) I recommend.
  4. Install Exec-PHP
    We all need to execute PHP at some point, this plugin allows you to even do it in your posts and pages!
  5. Install a Feed-stats plugin
    I recommend the Feedburner with obviously a Feedburner account.

10 XHTML Habits You Should Get Use To List

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Do you still use <br>? And other old HTML-y ways of coding? Here’s a few habits you should get use to for XHTML-ness:

  1. .. />

    You should use this for img, meta, link, br etc. tags, eg:
    <img src="/tag/list/photo.jpg" alt="Photo" /> not <img src="/tag/list/photo.jpg" alt="Photo">

  2. Putting Values Between Quotes

    If you didn’t notice above, the attributes’ values are in quotes. That’s the way they should be done.
    <img src="/tag/list/photo.jpg" alt="Photo" /> not <img src=photo.jpg alt=Photo >

  3. Lowercase!

    All attributes and tags should be in lowercase! I find this very irritating..

    <A HREF= TaRGET=_blaNK>Google</a>

    The code should be
    <a href="" target="_blank">Google</a>

  4. Strong and Em

    Replace <b> and <i> for bold and italic text. They’re now <strong> for bold and <em> for italics.

  5. Try to get rid of <center>

    You can only use it so much after your code becomes invalid. I recommend using <p align="center">Bla</p> to center things.

  6. Add Notes
    You are human (or are you?), and you do forget. Add notes to remind yourself of things about your code, in X/HTML:

    <-- Note -->

    In CSS:

    /* Note */

    Define what type of document your code is!
    <!DOCTYPE html
    PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
  8. One <html>, <head> and<body>!

    This is how your page should be structured. ( … represents the content )

    <head> ... </head>
    <body> ... </body>

  9. Close Your Tags
    Close your tags!!!! How simple?
  10. Nest Your Elements Properly

    This is incorrect:
    <em><strong> This is bold and italic text </em><strong>

    This is correct:
    <strong><em> This is bold and italic text. </em></strong>

Hope this helped! :-) Have your own suggestion? In the comments… ;)