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TwitterFon Reviews

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How do you decided which app you want to download that suits your needs? You go with the popular one of course. Lots of people use it, that means it’s not that bad. Well guess what? You’re wrong!


Well first you don’t get an annoying ad between each tweet with TwitterFon. Second, it has more features such as retweeting. Third, An easier to use interface. Fourth, a search feature. Fifth, no annoying tweet sound when you receive something new. Sixth, it’s free. Seventh, you can moderate your tweets (deleting etc.). Take that Twitterific!

Tutorial: How-To Take Screenshots With an iPhone/iPod Touch Tutorials


Very simple, you press the home button and power button at the same time and ta-da!

Yes, I know about the date.

MySpace,, and More Randomness Dear Blog


Dear Blog,

Today I registered to MySpace, and found out that it totally sucks. Facebook is way better and less confusing. :-)

Also my dear blog, will be going 2.7 today. I wonder if that will make me switch to I’ve always had this thought in my head, about moving to I wonder why. Self-hosted has way more features, and I’m gonna end up paying either way, lol.

BYOB – Live in London <– Awesome performance!

I need an iPod Touch before going to Kuwait. With that, I can post here! With photos hopefully :-D

I’m considering switching to Safari, Firefox drives up my blood pressure.

I’m still using my computer without a fan! Ha! Talk about survival :P

I watched Madagascar 2 again yesterday, I absolutely love King Julian. :-D

That’s all for now.

New iPod Nano! The World

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Yet another new iPod, Looks like crap IMO. :-|