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End of March Randomness Random Thoughts

  • Gray market iPhone or operator iPhone?

    Gray market iPhone pros:

    1. I get to keep my number.
    2. Jailbreak! (More features)


    1. No Internet Access.

    Operator iPhone Pros:

    1. Internet Access
    2. Warranty (I definitely think I’m gonna need that)


    1. I have to get a new phone number.
    2. No jailbreaking.

    Which I should choose?

  • Wow. TwitterFox really helps you stay Twitter-ified.
  • Google Chrome is fast. Might consider switching; permanently.
  • Been having a shortage in Randomness Juice lately.
  • Windows Live Messenger 2009 = Total awesomeness.
  • Almost finished Metal Gear Solid 4, for the 9th time.
  • Guitar Hero: Metallica seems good. For now.
  • I’m starting to dislike phpBB.
  • I keep forgetting to post asides.

TwitterFon Reviews

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How do you decided which app you want to download that suits your needs? You go with the popular one of course. Lots of people use it, that means it’s not that bad. Well guess what? You’re wrong!


Well first you don’t get an annoying ad between each tweet with TwitterFon. Second, it has more features such as retweeting. Third, An easier to use interface. Fourth, a search feature. Fifth, no annoying tweet sound when you receive something new. Sixth, it’s free. Seventh, you can moderate your tweets (deleting etc.). Take that Twitterific!

Tutorial: How-To Take Screenshots With an iPhone/iPod Touch Tutorials


Very simple, you press the home button and power button at the same time and ta-da!

Yes, I know about the date.

Small iPhone WordPress Review Reviews


I am now on my new iPod Touch writing this post. The application rocks but I did run into a few hold ups. I was getting an error about the external publishing option not being enabled; it was enabled. I searched around and found something on the application’s subsite. It was useful, but then it started working; it’s luck. On to the review:

The interface is pretty cool, it is a clean and easy to use interface. I think I’m in love. It follows the iPhone/iPod style of blue, white, and gray. BTW the screenshots are at the bottom.

For me, I find the device keyboard very annoying to type with. For future versions, I strongly recommend keyboard/input settings.

I edited a post from the application, its just too easy!