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Tutorial: How To Install WordPress Tutorials, WordPress

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I get asked a lot to install WordPress for people; here’s how.

1. Download the latest version of WordPress from

2. Upload.

3. Set up your MySQL database and user.

4. Go to

Done. How simple? O.o

Upgraded! WordPress

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Wooo! Upgraded to WordPress 2.7, and it’s just awesome! I can’t find any bugs, although I did run into a few holdups during the upgrade process and after I logged in.

1. Blank!

Ok, this is my fault, I forgot to deactivate all the plugins. So I had to rename the plugins folder and create a new one. I’m too lazy to upload all the plugins I had again, but 2.7 has a way of saying ‘I know you’re mentally retarded, but here use the new plugin browser…’ How awesome? :-D

2. Classic Theme

I was using the ‘Classic’ WordPress colors, and when I upgraded and logged in again, it was the new 2.7 classic colors; which was shit. I changed the ‘Fresh’ colors! Again, my bad.

Wow! I expected more problems, but that’s it, just these two! :-D

Cutenews Install Tutorial Tutorials


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I get this a lot in my inbox:

Hey shaibni,
can u install cutenews or wordpress for me? please man thanks you rock

First of all, its Shaibani, get it right. Second, no I can’t either order from someone OR read this tutorial! This tutorial will show you how to install Cutenews in just 11-12 simple steps. (more…)