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The Sensation: Part 3

Written by Shaibanii Pressed on September 28th, 2008 - 2:58 pm Filled Under: Freedom of Speech

Part 1 | Part 2


After part 2, FanSiteHost decided to fill a lawsuit (or law suite according to them) against me. For having an opinion, or as they said modifying the chat’s content. I’m not the one with the crappy spelling and grammar, so you all understand what I say, FSH… not so good (and their site shows it).

Here is the conversation:

Shaibanii »» says:
have you filled your “suite” yet? @_@ says:
its not me. i just work here. our lawyers will be reviewing and do whatever they need to
Shaibanii »» says:
you’re a free company based from a home and you have pro lawyers o.O
Shaibanii »» says:
Shaibanii »» says:
:-O* says:
we r not based from home says:
anyways. im here to help hostees. not to talk w u that ur not hosted. says:
Shaibanii »» says:
are you based from a basement then? o.o
Shaibanii »» says:
but before you help your hostees
Shaibanii »» says:
tell me, why are you filling a law “suite”
Shaibanii »» says:
? says:
U told wrong things from ur chat with carlos
Shaibanii »» says:
such as… says:
You modified conversation with your own proposes says:
I cant talk now. Rlly busy bye. Have a nice day sir
Shaibanii »» says:
i spellchecked since mr carlos’ and your spelling SUCK says:
What ?
Shaibanii »» says:
the only thing i modified from the chat was spelling and grammar =\ says:
you used information to your own purposes of bashing fsh service. They can get you in court for image danifiication says:
Nothing with me tho. Have a nice day
Shaibanii »» says:
and i can get you in court for false advertising. says:
Up to you. Bye man.
Shaibanii »» says:
indeed O.o

About an hour after this, I recieved the following in my inbox:

Hello Shaibani Shaibani,

This message is to inform you that your billing account and any associated packages with have been cancelled.

If you feel that this is in error, please notify the support department immediately.

Thank you,

It’s CANCELED! :-| Fucked up spelling. :-|

Comment please :-)


The Sensation: Part 2

Written by Shaibanii Pressed on September 26th, 2008 - 4:46 pm Filled Under: Freedom of Speech, Interaction

Part 1

After the controversy that part 1 stirred up on MSN, part 2 comes up! :-D And after that part 3.. but we can wait :-)

Steven was the first to reply to the first part via comments and said:


To be honest, I feel your being a little too nice in this blog. I mean they claim to be the best Fan site host around but even free hosts offer better than this, the fact that you have to set up another account just to point a domain at it absolutely sucks and means more work for webmasters.

Secondly, when I chatted with Mr. Carlos Fansitehost (if that is indeed his surname :D) he wasn’t the best of persons and I felt that he really didn’t help on my inquiries. I asked what are your hosting packages, he ignored me! :( And then I said about Unlimited Bandwidth and how its impossible and he said “You don’t work here, you don’t know”. Very mean. He doesn’t sound like someone I would want to have help out with a site.

And of course who could forget about that code that ruins the whole damn website — the bar! I hate that with a passion. Don’t they know how to code it properly so that it doesn’t break the coding and cause problems with the layout? Damn, talk about Noobs. And their spelling = atrocious. :O

He also added:

I absolutely feel that Fansitehost is misleading in nearly every way, they claim to be Unlimited, yet you sign up and you have that ugly looking 300MB staring you in the face. Hugely misleading.

Carlos, I feel can be a bit ignorant and almost arrogant at times. I asked simple questions and he seemed to have lost his rag and I quickly found myself in a bit of a heated debate. Not that I mind that type of thing, you understand.

Their layout and presentation also gets old very quickly, spelling and grammar is atrocious, the layout is quite sickening and really doesn’t show how community friendly they are supposed to be. I feel they are very limited on information and a lot is left for other options.
And of course who could forget about that code that ruins the whole damn website — the bar! I hate that with a passion. Don’t they know how to code it properly so that it doesn’t break the coding and cause problems with the layout? Damn, talk about Noobs.

Fawaz — a FSH hostee says:

 i think fansitehost is good but i hated the bar thingy which isnt there anymore i mean it wasnt coded properly but all the other stuff are good .. i mean they give us free host and help us and many more so all i got to say is keep up the good job?

its unfair that they say get 300 unique vistors per day and get a domain cause its impossible even them they dont get so they should at least do it like 100 or something like that             

This is true.

Agreed with all of the above! Although I do think FSH is do-able. :-)

I cannot disagree with any of the above, can you? Send it in, OR leave it via comments OR tell me on MSN and I’ll ask you when I’m writing the next part.

I know this is a bit boring and short, but it’s just to keep the topic alive. Part 3 will be better, I promise :-) This will all get sent in to FSH ;)


Me, Myself, and YouTube

Written by Shaibanii Pressed on September 26th, 2008 - 3:39 pm Filled Under: Freedom of Speech

How much is YouTube a part of you? Will your Internet experience be the same without it? No it won’t, because YouTube has become an essential part of our online lives. But what If I told you that there was another video sharing service, would you start going to it for videos? I can guarantee you won’t. Why?

There are 3 types of people in this situation, the user (you), the publisher (possibly you), and the service-owner (definitely not you). I’ll put this in mathematical terms..

Users > Publishers > Service-Owners

Publisher wants users which there are a lot of. Service-Owners (people who own these video sharing services) want both. So the users control everything. YouTube is filled with Users and Publishers constantly posting and interacting etc. Users move, Publishers move, Service-Owners… FUCKED! :-D YouTube’s traffic, database full of videos, everything, is well.. “designed to make you come back”, I remember when I first saw YouTube back in 2005, It was well.. love at first site! :-D I kept coming back for more etc. YouTube grew, and more feeble attempts to copy it popped up, and closed down.

Where should I post my videos?

YouTube! Its the only place anyone goes to watch and upload videos, forget Google Video, Dailymotion, Revver, bla bla bla! Everyone’s doing it! Y-o-u-t-u-b-e-[dot]-com! The quality is good, and its fun to watch people doing crazy things and breaking copyright! Forget everything else! YouTube! YouTube! You-Tube! You-fucking-Tube! Tube-You! You-Tube! Forget anywhere else, its YouTube! YouTube!!!! YOU-Tube! ME-TUBE!! YOUUUUTUBEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)


Why Surpass Owns Your Host

Written by Shaibanii Pressed on September 25th, 2008 - 4:58 pm Filled Under: Freedom of Speech, Interaction

Surpass Hosting

Shutup. It does. Don’t argue. Don’t fucking argue. :-| Why? Simple, because there are no problems with hosting (or at least on my server). It’s not expensive, good support if any problems pop up, and this is going to be hard for me to explain, because I’ve never been with a crappy host before.

Since I do not know everything about crappy hosts, I thought I’d ask some others.

Dann said “2 days ago“.

Anon said “Today

Steven who is hosted by Surpass said “Never

He also said that they were very courteous when they helped him move hosting plans. Which brings me to support. When problems pop up, which eventually do, Surpass replies in less than 15 minutes! I’ve heard many stories from people about how crap their host is, and how they never really help them. In my whole life I’ve been on 2 hosts, 110mb and Surpass. So I thought I’d throw out a question during one of the group conversations which I’m added against my will. 40% said no, and 60% said yes, when asked “Does your host actually help you?”. I asked a few fellow Surpass hostees and they said yes or never had a problem when I asked “Have you ever had a problem with Surpass?” and/or “Does Surpass Support help you?”.

That’s support, all hosts offer pretty much the same thing, cPanel + Fantastico, there’s no “rating” for it to be honest. Unless you want me to measure how fast they load. :-|

Price, $6 for 200GB and 2TB bandwidth. Un-beatable.

So there you have it, all I’ve talked about is support, and I’m convinced that Surpass owns! But all I’ve talked about is Support, is that really how a hosting is defined? By the way that it treats its customers and supports them? I think so. You?

All controversy severed cold please and in the comments :-)