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How To Fix: Hacked by SVAM Tutorials

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Hacked by SVAM recently? Worry no more! Shaibani is here! :-D

Its all in your /cutenews/data/config.php file. How is this fixed? Simple!

1. Download the config.php and change $config_http_script_dir = "";
and $config_notify_email = ""; with your own information.

2. Upload it to /cutenews/data/config.php (Replace current hacked one)

3. Login to your Cutenews and change your settings.

4. All fixed :-)

You can also re-upload a blank one (default one that you download from the Cutenews site), but things could go wrong; this way is recommended. :-D

Note: This is for “hacked” Cutenews installations only.

Cutenews Install Tutorial Tutorials


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I get this a lot in my inbox:

Hey shaibni,
can u install cutenews or wordpress for me? please man thanks you rock

First of all, its Shaibani, get it right. Second, no I can’t either order from someone OR read this tutorial! This tutorial will show you how to install Cutenews in just 11-12 simple steps. (more…)

The OS War Uncategorized


For those of you who aren’t familiar with Ubuntu Linux — Ubuntu Linux is a free OS, just like Windows XP — but for free. When I say just like Windows XP, I mean it is something that you run on your computer/laptop. Not a OS that everyone complains about. :P They’re completely 2 different things!

I’m sure you’ve heard of XP, Vista, and Mac OS X, so I don’t think I need to tell you a bit about it like Linux; but I will anyway. XP, the most used operating system in the world, and made by Microsoft, and is probably what you run. Vista, the XP-wannabe IMO, has too many bugs, is improving, but not being given a second chance. Mac, the “perfect” alternative to Windows, in many people’s minds, but it too has some downsides.

In this post, we’ll (me :-P ) be comparing 4 operating systems (OS’), Ubuntu Linux, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and last but not least, Mac OS X. Why does this matter, you ask? You’ll just go with the popular one? XP? No my friend, this is gonna help you decide on which is best for you :-) (more…)