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Written by Shaibanii Pressed on September 17th, 2008 - 2:18 pm Filled Under: Twitter

Yeah, you noticed I had the twitter thingy up yesterday for a few hours. Well the good thing is that my Internet Provider un-blocked it! Bad thing is, I can’t get Twitter Tools to work. Hopefully I will in a few days. Here’s my Twitter page.

“What’s Twitter?”

Twitter is a service that answers the question “What are you doing?” or as I like to put it “What the fuck have you been up to?”. It keeps friends, family, co-workers updated with each other and helps them connect. Unlike Facebook, MySpace, Hi5 etc. Twitter is simple and easy to use.

“Why Should I? Make Me!”

Why? Because even basic updates are meaningful to family members, friends, or colleagues—especially when they’re timely.

  • Eating soup? Research shows that moms want to know.
  • Running late to a meeting? Your co–workers might find that useful.
  • Partying? Your friends may want to join you.

“How Does It Work?”

Simple, you just login post what you’re doing and log out. Plus the site loads quickly. Or you can update from your phone, or from some other tool (eg. Twitter Tools (WordPress Plugin)). Unlike many modern social networking services, there’s no “information overload” .

Twitter, IMO, is the way all social networking services should be, simple, easy to use, and useful. Many things seem to be lacking that word nowadays, including this blog :-P