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6 Shortcuts That Will Make Your XP-erience Faster

Written by Shaibanii Pressed on December 2nd, 2008 - 8:43 pm Filled Under: List

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Ah, I’ve been using XP ever since it came out, and everyone knows it’s not the best OS (speed-wise). Moving your mouse sometimes can make your computer go crashie, but I’ve noticed that using a keyboard shortcut always works! :-)

Note: They’re randomly listed. They work with Vista as well!

  1. Alt + Tab
    Arguably, the most popular shortcut of all, you can use it to navigate through open windows. Very useful!
  2. Windows Key + D
    Wanna bring all your windows down, simple, hit the Windows Key (the one that opens the Start menu) and D. Down they go!
  3. Ctrl+F5
    Very useful Indeed, instead of digging through your browser’s settings to clear your cache, try this for a change!
  4. Shift + Alt
    Wanna change to another typing language? Use this shortcut, save you the trouble of going to the language bar.
  5. Alt + F4
    Close the current open window. Doesn’t get any simpler than that.
  6. And now for the most useful one (after all this is Windows XP :P)


    Frozen? End the process or program that’s freezing the whole OS!

Got anything that you think should be up here? Lemme know in the comments ;D


Top 5 Essential WordPress Plugins

Written by Shaibanii Pressed on October 17th, 2008 - 9:02 pm Filled Under: List

There are currently 3,131 WordPress plugins as of posting. Obviously, you can’t have all of them, or more realistically you wouldn’t want to have them all. Today I go through the 5 top WordPress plugins that really do extend WordPress’s functionality.

1: WP-Comment-Remix

WordPress’s comment section definitely lacks functionality, WP Comment Remix adds a ton of features including quote and reply features, different comment listing, separating comments from trackbacks and pingbacks, 3 comment related sidebar widgets, a commenter token system, and more.

1.5: WP-SpamFree

WordPress’s comment spam defense is well… horrible. That’s why there’s WP-SpamFree, and the title can’t be more accurate! After activation, WordPress is truly Spam-Free. There are options that you may change such as what fields are required etc.

2: WordPress Automatic Upgrade

Tired of updating WordPress? Or just too lazy to do it? Complain no more; WP Automatic Upgrade is here! Not only does it upgrade automatically (however, you have to run the update process), but it provides backups for you. Although automatic upgrades will be built into WordPress 2.7.

2.5: WP-DB-Backup

Speaking of backups, you never know when you’ll need a backup of your WP database; good thing WP-DB-Backup’s around! Provides backups anytime you need it, you can choose which tables to include and which to exclude. There is an option of when that you can choose when to backup (hourly, daily, weekly) and then it gets sent right to your email!

3: Manageable

How about managing your posts’ categories, tags, author, date, status etc. without having to enter the editing page? Right from the Manage Posts page. This plugin does that, all you have to do is double click the post!

4: WP-Ban

Got annoying human spammers on your site? Simply ban them using this simple plugin. You can display a custom ban message when the person is banned by IP, IP range, host name, and referrer URL. You can exclude certain IPs from being banned.

5: Plugin Manager

I [and tons of other WordPress users] get annoyed from having to go on the WordPress Plugin Site every time I need to look for a plugin. While I was doing that and being annoyed, I found the Plugin Manager. This plugin allows you to download WordPress plugins straight from the site to your server; no uploading. This doesn’t really extend WordPress’s features but should be built into it somehow. I doubt that it ever will.

You may be thinking There are better plugins than these! and I say “These are plugins that extend WordPress’s current features / should be built into WordPress; not one’s that add completely new and unnecessary features to it.”


3 Top Ways To Stay Updated

Written by Shaibanii Pressed on October 10th, 2008 - 5:37 pm Filled Under: List

Wanna check a site for updates without going to it and finding out that it hasn’t been updated? Today, I share my 3 top ways on how to stay updated. There are hundreds of ways to do this, but here are the top 3. Here we go…. :-D

1. RSS Feeds

Really Simple Syndication they call it.You know that Icon that looks like this ? That’s an RSS Icon, if you see that, it should mean that there is an RSS Feed available. If you have too many RSS feeds like I do, you can abbreviate them (rename) and re-arrange them like this..

If the site doesn’t have an RSS feed, you can always ask the owner to put one up. :-)

2. Mailing Lists

Not exactly the instant notification option (unlike RSS!), but it works. If you don’t like RSS Feeds for some reason, you can always join the site’s mailing list if they have one. Some sites mail their posts daily, some do it weekly, and some do it monthly; depends on what the site’s about really.

3. Home Tabs

You can set your home page to multiple home pages, and then when you open your browser, there they are! :-D And then you check manually of course.

Q: I have a site and want to add an RSS Feed / Mailing List. How do I do it?

A: You can Google “RSS Feed tutorial” or you can use this one. For mailing lists, I recommend MailPress (for WordPress users), YourMailingListProvider or ListApp.


7 Web Apps You Probably Don’t Know

Written by Shaibanii Pressed on September 11th, 2008 - 2:58 pm Filled Under: List

Why download a whole application to your computer, when you can do the same thing the application does online or as a browser extension/plugin. :-)

1- You Convert It
An awesome site for converting anything from documents, images, videos, to distance, time etc. No user registration required.

2- Meebo
Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Gmail etc. not working? Worry no more! Meebo’s simple interface and simplicity make it faster and easier to use than eBuddy etc.

3- Writer
You never know when you’re gonna need to edit a .doc or .pdf file, so use Writer! You can store your .doc or .pdf files here and keep them for future reference by creating an account.

4- Zotero
Doing some research and want to keep track of your sources? Or maybe collect multiple articles and documents to use? Then Zotero is the extension for you. It does all that, plus more.
This extension is for Firefox only

5- FoxMarks
Perhaps you need to access your bookmarks from another computer, why not use Foxmarks? This awesome Firefox extension syncs all your bookmarks with the FoxMarks server for you to access from anywhere at anytime from

6- Splashup
An awesome alternative to Photoshop or GIMP, it has an interface similar to Photoshop so there’s no need to go ‘tool hunting’ :-P Although this similar, it’s nothing compared to Photoshop or Paintshop. This is just for basic tasks, so don’t expect too much.

7- Sosius
Simply put — a desktop online. You get to store your data on it, and access it from where-ever you are, and edit or download!