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The John Cena Fiasco

Written by Steven Pressed on September 26th, 2008 - 3:43 pm Filled Under:

Before I start this blog, I would just like to give a bit thank you and shoutout to Shaibani who allows me to use his own personal space for blogging about non-sensical things and issues that I have. Thus — I am here to blog about (as promised) the John Cena fiasco that is going on, with nobody knowing his “true status” and not knowing what to believe. Anyway, on to the blogging:

It all started in November of 2007, where pictures leaked on the Internet of John’s sudden proposal to Liz. Rumours were spreading like wildfire, and of course a part of the media had to at least get an inside scoop, and so it was that “Sky Sports Italy” got the first exclusive interview with John, shortly after his injury. Sky Sports conducted an interview with John Cena on Video and it was available for a short time on their site. However, here is an excerpt and sum up of the interview:

Sky Sports in Italy sent in word that John Cena was in town to promote the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Cena taped a one hour interview with Luca and the folks at Sky that will air tomorrow at 6:30PM CET on Sky Sport 2. In the interview, Cena said that he’s hoping to be involved in some way shape or form at WrestleMania although a return to the ring in a wrestling role will not be happening until the next six months. Cena also talked about the rumored wedding which started after a website posted pictures of him proposing to his girlfriend. Cena said that while he and his girlfriend decided to get married sometime this year a few days before the injury, their relationship fell apart and he said that he’s single once againRead the rest »