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Guest Fansite Review: Big-Show.NET

Written by Steven Pressed on August 30th, 2008 - 3:15 pm Filled Under: Fansite Review

From Shaibani: First Guest Fansite Review :) Click on the link for more details :-)

In an Interweb world filled with fansites about the same old generic people, Shaibani strives to be unique and brings us the only known fansite for “The World’s Largest Athlete - The Big Show.” That deserves an award in itself for the willingness to do something different. Arguably Shaibani has become a known figure around various fansites, including some of the biggest on the Internet today - so it was sure not a surprise to see Shaibani start his own site and compete with those. With little under a year’s experience of HTML and Graphics under his belt, it wouldn’t be vain to say that Shaibani has proven his use on the Internet and as a potentially serious webmaster. Always willing to help people out, Shaibani has earned quite a few major links with big fansites, well known webmasters and visitors alike - basically guaranteeing a great future for the site.

With a unique look, Shaibani is on towards a great future. He always looks to rise the bar further and with this sleek design from SLO Designs - it looks very professional and aesthetically pleasing to the visitors. Using a mixture of PHP and HTML coding, it sure looks as if the design is driven towards everyone. Arguably one of the most unique and user-friendly designs to-date. Even down to the little information such as well placed GoogleAds and a nice array of colours - it is great to see. One could argue that Shaibani throws money out on designs, as he also has a custom design for the Gallery, again matching the main site and nice table coding - you could call it the “perfect compliment to an already perfect site.”
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Fansite Review:

Written by Shaibanii Pressed on August 30th, 2008 - 2:32 pm Filled Under: Fansite Review

Starting a new thing — Fansite Review. Yes, your fan site could be reviewed. Just get it all up in my face (submit it via comments) and I just might review it. Ok, just like every big thing has a grand opening, this is gonna have one. The grand-ness of this “opening” is the site I’m reviewing — Steven’s It is truly, without a doubt the top source for John Cena. Here we go… Read the rest »