WordPress 2.7 Beta 2

Written by Shaibanii Pressed on November 6th, 2008 - 8:58 pm Filled Under: WordPress

Just upgraded to WP 2.7 Beta 2 and loved it :-D Auto-Upgrade for life!

WordPress 2.7 Beta 2 is ready.  Here is a quick rundown of changes since beta 1.

  • The Upload button didn’t always show. Fixed.
  • JS on the Dashboard broke for blogs with no comments, causing several UI elements to “freeze”. Fixed.
  • Recent Drafts Dashboard module didn’t show correct times. Fixed.
  • Various Autosave fixes.
  • Redirect after deleting a page from the editor went back to the deleted page. Fixed.
  • Fixed loading of translations for default TinyMCE plugins.
  • Added avatars to the edit users list.
  • Added some missing translations.
  • Fixed some validation errors.
  • Fixed some PHP warnings and notices.
  • Handle inconsistent file permissions during auto upgrade
  • Change Publish box layout to better accommodate internationalized text
  • Fix quick editing of the last page in the Edit Pages list
  • Fix Screen Options for IE
  • Fixes for choose tag from tag cloud
  • Rewrite rules fixes for certain hosts
  • Don’t check for updates on every page load
  • Easier post box dropping
  • Preview fixes
  • RTL fixes
  • Fixed broken wp-mail
  • Plugin update and install fixes
  • First draft of contextual help tab

If you have already installed beta 1, you can update to beta 2 via the Tools -> Update menu.  Beta 1 does have a bug in the automatic upgrade that breaks certain setups, so be prepared to download and install Beta 2 manually if you experience problems.

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