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Bored? Wanna play a prank on someone? I’m sure you’ve heard of the Blue Screen of Death, and probably experienced it if you’re on Windows. Microsoft has a BSOD screensaver up for download on its site, so go ahead, play a harmless prank on someone. :-D

Tricked someone using this? Let me know how it went in the comments. I could use a good laugh. :-)

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September 23rd, 2008 at 2:56 pm

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September 21st, 2008 at 3:57 pm

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The Blog Network

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You may have noticed the bar up above. That is the The Blog Network bar.

Got a blog? Join! (or click for more details)

Edit: Updated my Blogroll BTW :-)

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September 21st, 2008 at 2:35 pm

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The Sensation

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Have you noticed a sudden increase in web sites? It’s because FanSiteHost has a new system, an automatic one that gives you a site in less than 5 minutes! (Even if you think the form is too long) One has to wonder, is this too good to be true? A site, with MySQL, “unlimited” webspace 300MB according to the YCS cPanel, “unlimited” bandwidth, and many more. Anyone can sign up for free, all they have to do is place a couple of ads on their site.

Enough bullshit, it has been proven all-over the internet that unlimited bandwidth + webspace is impossible! Even WebHostingTalk says it isn’t possible and they have people who work at GoDaddy, Surpass, BlueHost etc. They seem to ignore the difference between unlimited and un-metered, and that’s a BIG difference! Although they do upgrade your webspace if you ask them (or at least to my knowledge).

Anyway, you also get one subdomain (apart from the one), no custom emails accounts, and 1 FTP account (apart from the main one). Seems pretty cool, yeah? All a fan site owner could ever ask for. It is FanSiteHost isn’t it? Now, with everyone joining FSH, how do they keep track of everything. I thought I’d ask Carlos, the nice guy that’s on IM support.

Why did you start your automatic registration system?

FSH: Because we get around 60 new registrations by day, which might not sound a lot, but its like over 1800 per month, and as internet covers all time zones, we cannot be awake 24/7.

Wow! With that many people joining per day, and now without approval, how do you keep track of everything?

FSH: We review hostees every once in a while in a random order. Once we see anything against the TERMS OF SERVICE, we get their accounts suspended, and will only be opened again once the hostee contact us and explains his situation / fixes his problem.

Seems pretty solid, lets move on…

On your “What Can I Expect” page, you say that hostees get unlimited bandwidth, yet it has been proven all over the internet that unlimited bandwidth is impossible. Explain..?

Unlimited bandwidth its not impossible. Our servers have un-metered traffic, so they can allow unlimited output for high traffic websites :-) the bandwidth is unlimited, however its max speed is of 100mb/sec (which is great, most of hosting deals give 10mb or less ). :-)

What about unlimited webspace, thats not possible, on the YCS cPanel it says 300MB. Explain..?

FSH: Unlimited webspace is available just for premium domains, the ones that get over 300 unique viewers per day. Subdomains are in the base plan which features 300mb (against the other hostings that just give 100).

Same with webspace, unlimited = impossible, explain..? again?

FSH: One server is just like a computer. We add more space according to the needs of the hostees. By adding data disks and so :-)

FSH: BRB. Need to out for a smoke :-P

What about the ads? The bar is obviously un-popular with most hostees…

FSH: Many people didn’t manage to get it up since their coding structure was wrong. So it was causing layout breaks. :-)

No more questions popped in my head, so I thought I’d wrap it up. :-)

Seems like a dream webhost I know, but Surpass owns them. :-P Anyway.. their ads (bar) KILLS most sites, I mean some sites look really good, but the bar goes ahead and ruins it. Systematically and without sensation :-|

Their support is awesome, MSN, AIM, Gmail, Email whatever! Although the guy’s not always online, but when he is, he’s ready to help. I think that, that’s the thing that makes FSH good. :-) They don’t offer the BEST services, or have the most professional looking web site.

Speaking of the FSH website, did you notice that rarely gets updated? Or did you notice that it has tons of spelling and grammar errors? :-| They should work on making it better, maybe it would encourage people to register! :-|

Enough for now… To be continued…

Want to be featured in Part 2? Simply, leave your thoughts as a comment, and hopefully your thoughts will appear in the post! :-D

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September 21st, 2008 at 2:15 pm

Guess Whose Back!

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Guess whose back… back again.. Shaibanii’s back.. tell a friend :-P

I’m back!!! Sorry I didn’t post for the last day or two, connection problems :-|

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September 21st, 2008 at 1:30 pm

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Has The Large Hadron Collider Destroyed The World Yet?

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September 19th, 2008 at 10:25 am

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WordPress 2.7 So Far

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As we approach the release of WordPress 2.7, Ryan Boren has posted a list of features added to 2.7. These are the features that have already gone into 2.7, expect more from WordPress. :-D

  • New admin UI based on the crazyhorse experimental UI branch with new menus and navigation
  • New edit post page that allows dragging and dropping of meta boxes. Boxes can be expanded and collapsed as before and now also completely hidden.
  • Ability to hide columns on the content index pages
  • Inline editing of posts and pages on the content index pages
  • Comments XMLRPC API (Who wants comment moderation on the iPhone? Me.)
  • Reply to comments from the admin
  • Keyboard hot keys for managing comments
  • Threaded Comments and new wp_list_comments() API
  • Sticky Posts
  • Automatic plugin install and integrated plugin browser
  • Automatic upgrade of WordPress
  • HTTPOnly auth cookies
  • New HTTP request API
  • A new SSH2 filesystem abstraction for updates and installs over sftp

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September 18th, 2008 at 11:03 am

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KeKe + Capricorn Released!

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Today I checked my inbox, and found an email that said my themes got approved! :-) Check them out on the Themes Page!

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September 18th, 2008 at 10:25 am

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WordPress Logos, Buttons, and Wallpapers

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Want to show some love to WordPress by adding a logo or something? Well thanks to Perfect Blogger, we have a few logos, buttons, and wallpapers. :-) They’re offered in PDF, and PNG formats.

Enjoy ;)

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September 17th, 2008 at 3:13 pm

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Yeah, you noticed I had the twitter thingy up yesterday for a few hours. Well the good thing is that my Internet Provider un-blocked it! Bad thing is, I can’t get Twitter Tools to work. Hopefully I will in a few days. Here’s my Twitter page.

“What’s Twitter?”

Twitter is a service that answers the question “What are you doing?” or as I like to put it “What the fuck have you been up to?”. It keeps friends, family, co-workers updated with each other and helps them connect. Unlike Facebook, MySpace, Hi5 etc. Twitter is simple and easy to use.

“Why Should I? Make Me!”

Why? Because even basic updates are meaningful to family members, friends, or colleagues—especially when they’re timely.

  • Eating soup? Research shows that moms want to know.
  • Running late to a meeting? Your co–workers might find that useful.
  • Partying? Your friends may want to join you.

“How Does It Work?”

Simple, you just login post what you’re doing and log out. Plus the site loads quickly. Or you can update from your phone, or from some other tool (eg. Twitter Tools (WordPress Plugin)). Unlike many modern social networking services, there’s no “information overload” .

Twitter, IMO, is the way all social networking services should be, simple, easy to use, and useful. Many things seem to be lacking that word nowadays, including this blog :-P

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September 17th, 2008 at 2:18 pm

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